Secondary home insurance

To simply insure your cottage in the countryside, your house on the coast or your chalet in the mountains.

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See the list of risks you are covered for and customize your cover according to your needs. Have full peace of mind everytime you leave your secondary home.

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  • Water damage

  • Fire

  • Natural disaster

  • Theft and vandalism

  • Pipes

  • Outdoor amenities

And always the civil liability, outdoor amenities (garden, swimming pool, garden shed, buried pipes, etc.), locksmith breakdown service, criminal defense and recourse, technological disaster and terrorism, re-housing assistance and emergency breakdown service and the option of reimbursement as new depending on the amount of your furniture capital.

From €12.70 per month

Get your price in 2 minutes with an online quote. The price depends on the surface area and location of your secondary home. Then, it's up to you to customize your cover!

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Frequent questions

  • What is a secondary residence?

    A secondary residence is by definition any other dwelling that is not your principal residence, i.e. a dwelling that you occupy during vacations, weekends or other specific times of the year (as opposed to your principal residence, which is your tax home and where your family permanently resides). You can have several secondary residences, but only one principal residence in the eyes of the law.

  • Is it mandatory to insure my second home?

    YES, if you are a tenant (except for seasonal rentals) or if it is a condominium apartment that you own. Only owners of individual houses are not obliged to take out insurance, but it is nevertheless strongly recommended to protect yourself in case of damage.

  • How much does second home insurance cost?

    This depends on many factors including the location and size of your home. The easiest way is to do a price simulation on our website. Note that insuring a second home is often slightly more expensive than insuring a main home due to the additional risks related to prolonged absences.

  • I forgot to lock my front door, am I covered in case of burglary?

    With most insurers this kind of carelessness is unfortunately a cause for exclusion of coverage, which means that you are not compensated. With Luko you are still covered up to 50%.

  • I rent the same accommodation every year for the vacations, do I have to insure it?

    No, if it is a short-term rental, it is simply a seasonal rental: it is not necessary to insure it because the owner is generally already covered and you normally benefit from a holiday guarantee included in your insurance contract (this is the case with Luko). The rental company may sometimes ask you for a certificate to verify that you are covered for third party liability (civil liability).

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