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School and extra-curricular insurance

The option to protect your children and have peace of mind in all circumstances, from €1.70 per month.

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See the list of risks your children are covered for and customize your cover according to your needs. Have full peace of mind no matter what they do.

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  • Civil liability

  • Medical expenses

  • Hospitalization fees

  • Medical transportation costs

  • Replacement cost of glasses or braces

  • Childcare service in the event of a disaster

From €1,70 per month

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Frequent questions

  • What does school insurance cover?

    School insurance is an option of your home insurance that protects your child if something happens to them at school, during their extracurricular activities or while traveling to and from school or activities. It also covers their liability if they hurt or damage someone else's property.

  • Is school insurance mandatory?

    The school will only require a certificate of civil liability when registering your child. Your child will be able to participate in the compulsory activities provided by the school (such as physical education classes), but school insurance will be required if you wish to enroll your child in all optional activities (canteen, green classes) and in extracurricular activities.

  • Isn't homeowner's insurance liability enough?

    Your home insurance covers your child's liability: this means that you will be covered if your child hurts another child or damages someone else's property. However, he or she will not be covered if he or she injures himself or herself or damages his or her own things through no fault of anyone else (for example, if he or she trips and breaks his or her glasses).

  • Where can I get school insurance?

    At Luko, you can sign up for school insurance in a few clicks directly through your MyLuko personal space or in the app.

  • How do I get a certificate of school insurance?

    At Luko, all of your documents and certificates are available in your MyLuko personal space. Once you've signed up for school insurance, you'll be able to download the certificate directly from your personal space or the app whenever you need it. Not insured with Luko? Most insurers will send you this document by email upon request.

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