Landlord insurance

Or "assurance propriétaire non-occupant (PNO)" in French. All essential guarantees in one click from €4.90 / month.

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We have brought together in our product all the essential guarantees to protect your home when it is rented, but also when it is vacant between two rentals. As a reminder, it is compulsory to insure your home when you are in co-ownership and this insurance is complementary to that of the co-ownership and that of the tenant. To be covered in all situations!

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  • Civil Liability

  • Criminal defense

  • Water damage

  • Fires

  • Electric damages

  • Storms and natural disasters

And always included: theft and vandalism, technological disasters, terrorism and riots, glass breakage, etc.

From €5.90 per month

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Good to know: the premiums for your landlord insurance policy are deductible from your property income.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is landlord insurance compulsory?

    As per the Alur law, landlord insurance is mandatory, at least against the risks of civil liability, and if you are in co-ownership. 

    If you are not in co-ownership, it is not mandatory but highly recommended in order to protect you against damages. As a reminder, this insurance is complementary to building and renter's insurance and covers you in all situations!

  • What is the purpose of the landlord insurance?

    Landlord insurance is used to protect a home you own but do not occupy, filling a kind of "legal void" for the landlord. Indeed, the dwelling is sometimes unoccupied but remains exposed to risks. 

    This insurance allows the owner to be protected, whatever the circumstances or to even cover an insufficient insurance on the tenant's side.

    This insurance is complementary to building and renter's insurance and covers you in all situations!

  • What is the amount of the deductible?

    For the landlord insurance, you have three amount of deductible you can choose: 150€ , 225€ or 300€.

    The amount of deductible you choose applies to all your claims, with two exceptions:

    • 💣 Technological disaster, terrorism and riots : 0€, amount fixed by the government
    • ⛈ Climate events and natural disasters : 380€, amount fixed by the government
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